What is the difference between monopolar and bipolar modes on the Conmed Hyfrecator 2000?

The main difference between monopolar and bipolar modes is the pathway of the current, see below;

Monopolar: The return electrode pad is attached to the patient so the electrical current flows from the generator to the electrode through the target tissue, to the patient return pad and back to the generator. Monopolar mode can be used for several modalities including cut, blend, desiccation and fulguration.

Bipolar: The current moves through the tissue that is held between the forceps. Because the path of the electrical current is confirmed to the tissue between the two electrodes, it can be used in patients with implanted devices to prevent electrical current passing through the device causing short-circuit or misfire. Bipolar mode uses a lower voltage so less energy is required. At it has limited ability to cut and coagulate large bleeding areas, it is generally used for procedures where tissues are easily crabbed on both sides by the forceps electrode.